With a deep sense of patriotism, our founder named first our firm in 1943 as “KASTHURIBAI & CO” (KBCO), the name Kasthuribai referring to wife of our beloved Father of the Nation Sri, Mahatma Gandhiji. Though we have significantly expanded operations subsequently & established new firms, our businesses are always referred to as NMP Group. Our founders were focused on building up brand for KBC & as a result of such focus, the business grew gradually year after year. We forayed into exclusive Readymades in the year 1993 for which we specifically step up a new firm in the name of NMP Readymades.

And then to give further focus & impetus to business, we started yet another exclusive product offer of silk sarees & started Kasthuri Silks in the year 2004. All the three firms operate from a single store located in West Car Street, Chidambaram. All our efforts & focus on customer service helped us to achieve the new heights.

In addition to the above, we also have the following Separate business entity:

  • NMP Associates, a franchisee of the brand “BASICS”

Thus, as on date, the following are the business entities that are related to our core business of textiles:

The present Managing Partner, Mr.V.Muthukumar & his wife, Mrs. Srividhya Muthukumar have a great passion for delicious food & the desire to offer that to the people of & tourists visiting Chidambaram led to their opening a 100% vegetarian restaurant in 2016 just opposite the KBC showroom & was christened “Palagaram.com” which has already become a roaring success in the town. Buoyed by the initial success, the restaurant area has been expanded as also a convention hall built in the first floor. The cost of this project was completely funded from the personal incomes of Mr. & Mrs. Muthukumar.